We are located in the city of Bursa, which has a huge importance in the history of textile industry with various details such as from being a textile hub on the silk road to being a source it's famous fabrics worlwide in the history. When we combine the industrial tools and valuable opportunities of this great city with our experience in various projects coming from city of Denizli which is famous in textile industry over twenty years; we can create masterwork products in any kind of textile industry.


To create a masterwork, experience is not enough alone but also to use true, quality materials is very important. Combining of an experienced intelligence with the true production material will eventually turn in to a really quality product in the end. And that is what we are doing. Picking the true material has been always one of our principles. And with our production experience, power and capacity, we are best in to use true materials to make a masterwork out of it.


With our various specializations and experience in textile industry, we believed the best textile production would be the result of mixed traditional handwork and technology. With our goal to produce best quality textile products with speed, we gathered our all production power in our hands. Our organizations production capacity has never passed our intentions to produce with quality. With our machinery, technology and experienced staff; we are producing every product of ours by ourselves.


There is a saying; "If you want your work to be square, don't cut the corners." As whole organization, we do embrace a global trade etiquette and business perspective. Just like a gear of a machine, every individual system in our organization is focused only on their own profession. From the production to the management and control process, we do measure and approach everything professionally. As result we always improve our quality and speed in the work what we do and create.


Our masterwork production comes out of our hands.