Serkan Demirbas

Founder & CEO of Evinesa Textile

Regarding The Textile Industry In Turkey And In The World on 202015.01.2020

When countless sayings about merit pass, one thinks of the mind; What are we good at doing? Which job suits us? It has always been important to be competent in the world in which mutual exchange, trade, which is one of the basic hearts of being human, has tried to globalize since the Silk Road or even earlier.

Turkey, home textiles, the location of the top 5 in the rankings with other countries in the production has lost almost never in this area always has been strong, accordingly to the parking machines from labor, raw material supply logistics capability has been fabricated into the hands of business in all areas, is a country that has developed continuously. The sector, which can move dynamically even within itself with its domestic market volume of 8 billion dollars and around 4,000 manufacturers, has always secured its place in the top 5 with a considerable market share all over the world.

When we look at the other countries in the world where we compete in the world, if we take into consideration the factors such as supply, best transportation points, best quality production in the shortest time, considering the logistic advantage, we need to consider the home textile, to cover it when it is lying at night, to wash its face when it is washed. in the eyes of the 7 billion people who need something made of woven fabric to lay the best place to get it, we see that Turkey.

When we put all of these on top of each other, it was the mission of Evinesa team, which is composed of the best ones, to get home textile production business, to make quality, timely delivery, customer satisfaction and reasonable price policy as well as nobody else has done. We continue our way with the happiness of our ever increasing number of customers proving that we are competent in our business and with a smile on our customers' face and we are proud of it.